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fighting until there is no a i r

driving until we get___ h o m e


30 seconds to mars, afi, aiden, alexisonfire, alice nine, all time low, an cafe, anemic, angry amputees, anti-flag, arch enemy, armor for sleep, as i lay dying, atreyu, audio karate, authority zero, autopilot off, avenged sevenfold, avoid one thing, bad religion, bikini kill, billy talent, bleed the dream, bombs away, bou, bouncing souls, brandnew, bullet for my valentine, children of bodom, cky, clone the fragile, coheed and cambria, comeback kid, dark new day, darkest hour, dead to fall, death by stereo, deftones, denver harbor, descendents, disturbed, dropkick murphys, eighteen visions, escape the fate, ever since radio, evergreen terrace, face, face to face, faith no more, finch, finest hour, florence, flyleaf, foo fighters, from first to last, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, garbage, hidden in plain view, hopesfall, human waste project, in flames, it dies today, jack off jill, jersey, kidney thieves, killswitch engauge, kittie, left alone, letter kills, lightweight holiday, makeshift-romeo, mest, metallica, miku, mindless self indulgence, none more black, norma jean, nothing lost, pale kids, pantera, pennywise, phoenix mourning, pistol grip, poison the well, porcelain and the tramps, prodigy, rise against, roses are red, ruki, saga, saosin, saving sunday, scarling, scars of tomorrow, scary kids, senses fail, shou, silverchair, silverstein, social distrotion, soon to be september, starlit, still remains, story of the year, stutterfly, summers end, system of a down, taking back sunday, the agony scene, the birthday massacre, the black dahlia murder, the burning season, the chariot, the distillers, the f-ups, the gazette, the hot lies, the killers, the lawrence arms, the used, theory of a deadman, thornley, thrice, to what end, tsunami bomb, twisted method, underoath, unearth